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Desceiption / How to play:

ApoHitori4k is a type of logic puzzle published by Nikoli. There are 3 simple rules: 1: no two circled squares with matching digits may exist in the same row or column. 2: no two dark color squares may be directly adjacent to one another (touching corners doesn't count). 3: no circled square or group thereof may be completely isolated from the rest by shaded squares (again, touching corners doesn't count).


Q: Hey I like that game!
A: Thanks.

Q: Do you make more ingenious 4k games?
A: Yes! Try them out and visit my 4k game site.

About the game:

ApoHitori4k was made by Dirk Aporius,
for the 2013 Java 4k Competition.
The entire game is less than 4kb.

Source code