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Description / How to play:

The two imps love christmas and want to idle at the christmas tree. So please: Help them to reach the christmas tree. Play the game with the cursor keys and the mouse. Guide the imps with the cursor keys. Change the current imp with the spacebar or the right mouse button. You can use the other imp as a ladder. Green present: Click with the mouse on a green present to push or pull the present. The red imp pull boxes, the other imp push boxes. Red present: A red present can't be moved. Blue present: The blue present is a ladder. So you can reach higher places. Beamer: With a beamer you can change your position, click with the mouse on it. Press 'n' to load the next level Press 'p' to load the previous level Press 'r' to restart the level

About the game:

ApoImp was made by Dirk Aporius.